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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Microsoft Still Interested in Yahoo!

Microsoft is still interested in striking some kind of deal with Yahoo!, but only if the current board of directors (including co-founder and spokesman, Jerry Yang) are ousted.

Corporate raider and indisputable douchebag, Carl Icahn, who owns 5% of the total Yahoo! stock, has been in talks with Microsoft over the past week. He is trying to have the current board of directors replaced in order to facilitate a Microsoft takeover of the Internet portal.

Microsoft offered Yahoo! $47.5 billion for the company in January of this year, but the offer was rejected. MS then offered to pay $1 billion for only the search functions, with another $8 billion guaranteed as stake in Yahoo!'s other operations. This proposal was also rejected. The news of the possible takeover sent Yahoo! stock prices soaring.

Yahoo! instead partnered with rival search engine and all-around Evil Internet Corporation, Google. This has finally led US anti-trust officials to look into Google's monopoly, as it effectively means the two companies control 80% of the US search advertising market!

Regardless of how this all plays-out, Carl Icahn is a money-hungry douchebag who hasn't the faintest clue as to how the Internet works. And Google is a monopoly.

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