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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Firefox Download Record Official

Guinness verified Firefox' download numbers from the June push to set a world record and will present Mozilla with the certificate for Most Downloads in 24 Hours next week in London.

Firefox is, by far, the best browser available today and works on all platforms. An Open Source application, anyone can download the code for the file in order to "hack" it and refashion it to fit their needs. Most users capable of such programming give back to the Mozilla community by creating "add-ons" for the software. These add-ons allow users to customize their Firefox in a myriad of ways, including look and feel (Themes).

The campaign also helped Firefox garner nearly 20% of the browser market; at least 19% of all Netizens now use Firefox as their browsing application. I am one of them and have been for several years now.

Firefox will continue supporting Firefox 2.x until December of this year, at which point users will have to upgrade to continue receiving support. Speaking of which, Mozilla released a vital update to the 2.x software, noting there could be at least five serious vulnerabilities which leave your computer open to attack.

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Manodogs said...

I told you a while back that proper form for The Cyberculturalist and the rest of The Weirding would consist of updating previous posts through Comments.

While we brought you this story previously, the details would have made for a very long comment, so I made it a new post.