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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

China Has Most Netizens

According to the latest polls, China has the most online users of any country.

The latest surveys show China has about 253 million netizens. The US placed second for the first time since these records started being kept, with 223 million. However, Net availability and overall impact ("Net penetration") is still higher in the US. US buyers spent over $20 billion online during the same period, as opposed to China's $5.9 billion.

If these trends continue, China's netizenry could easily outstrip that of the US by 2012, at the latest. Further, China's high-speed access is more widespread than here at home, due largely to great deals offered by landline companies trying to recapture the mobile market.

But with broadband and wi-fi becoming increasingly available through mobile devices, along with the continued addition of "apps" (cellphone software), and China's 500-some million mobile users, the numbers may soon become even more skewed.

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