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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hey guys, there's always stuff to chat about here, but I have had some medical issues to handle lately that have kept me from doing much of anything anywhere.

I'd like to apologize, because we started off quite strongly and got up to nearly 20 subscribers - which I really appreciate, since I have done no marketing/promoting of The Cyberculturalist yet - and I feel badly that everything with the medical stuff just... just bad timing that couldn't be avoided.

I don't really know what we'll be getting to or when, but I do know that I have surgery on my wrist scheduled this Tuesday, so I'll definitely be out for a day or two there. I am really focusing on The Rundown lately because I am trying to get into the habit of working scheduled postings into my routine. Since I always have material for The Rundown thanks to press releases from the companies, it's the best one for that. Unfortunately, it's taken time away from the rest.

Just in case I've never mentioned it here before, you can always find me at The Rundown if I haven't updated here in a while. It's the "flagship" of the site, so I always make sure to knock something out there, even if I can't anywhere else.

Speaking of which, I am waiting for my new DSL to be installed and actually work, then I will have the Cyberpunk glossary up. After that, I am most likely going for the Dark Conspiracy stuff, but I do have most of the Champions material (nearly) ready to go. Having some sponsor/advertising complexities (some having to do with the companies, but mostly having to do with the approach I want to take and so forth), but the main problem right now is being on dial-up.

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