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Friday, June 6, 2008

Settings and Adjustments

So I have been having problems seeing things on my screen lately. Everything is blurry - still is, in fact.

Before I say that, let me back-up and say: ever since I moved to this abysmal shithole, I have gone through monitors like they were socks. I had at least two monitors for something like 10 years each and never once had a problem with either. Once I moved here, the picture started getting blurry, then they both burned-out. They literally burned-out within weeks of one another and both within weeks of being on this wall.

I am pretty sure the electrical stuff in this wall is bad. I go through outside lights almost as often. In fact, I have only had to change the lightbulbs outside and in the living room since I've been here. I have changed all the bulbs in the front room at least twice before changing them to the long-life variety; I have changed the outside bulb at least 4-5 times. When I tried to change it to one of the long-life bulbs, the damn thing blew-out when I first turned it on!

(Note to consumers: I simply returned the bulb to GE and they sent me a $10 coupon for new bulbs, redeemable anywhere that takes manufacturers' coupons!)

So the fonts have been getting harder and harder to read lately and I kept thinking it was my eyes. Today, I started playing with the settings and while I completely hosed the display at first, I eventually got it to where it looks at least a little better. But the damned screen is still blurry!

Obviously, since I have been dealing with it for several weeks now, I'm sure my eyes are part of the issue by this point, but I am seriously starting to think there's something in this building's electrical goings-on that is killing my monitors - and may even have crashed my XP box!

If anyone reads this that knows more about electrical fields, EMF, and just general electrical goings-on, I would really appreciate any suggestions. If there's some kind of shielding I can purchase or testing I can do to find out more, I'd love to know how to go about it.

Before I lose yet another monitor!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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