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Friday, April 18, 2008

PayPal to Block Unsafe Browsers

PayPal is going to start blocking unsafe browsers.

According to their analytics, "a significant set of users" are still using older browsers, including IE3! Internet Explorer v3.0 is over 10 years old. Users will be warned that their browser is outdated before being blocked from the site.

If you are using Firefox 2.x, you can download the Verisign EV Greenbar Extension, suggested by PayPal. The add-on shows a green bar at the end of your address bar when you are visiting a secure site. Support for Extended Validation SSL Certificates is built-in to the latest version of IE, but the Safari browser does not support them on the Mac or PC platform (I do not have Linux installed on this box, so I cannot comment on that).

IE6 will function on Win98 platforms, though it is slow and clunky. Older versions of Firefox work just fine, but I do not know about the latest version(s), as I have not played with either 98 box in a while. Regardless, there is simply no excuse for using any IE version under 5.0; unless you are working on a 3.11 platform, you should have no problems upgrading, though you may have to dig-out an old AOL CD to get the IE4 package. And those shouldn't be too hard to find - I have a stack of about 10 of them!

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