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Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas Cats
Merry Christmas, Internet!
The Internet can be a strange, disconcerting place - a place filled with cats and offensive memes - but it can also be a great source of inspiration and entertainment during the holiday season. Here then is a collection of helpful and sometimes harmful Christmas links for 2016.

We start by saying that this list was prepared in advance of the holidays in order to release it in a timely fashion. While holiday traditions remain largely the same, fashion, entertainment, and pop-culture trends continue to change.

First, let's start with a little history regarding the holiday: Christmas as a holiday may go back to Roman Times and the week-long celebration of Saturnalia. This coincides with the Winter Solstice. The many traditions and customs surrounding Christmas today come from all religions, and many parts of the world.

Christmas music is integral to the holidays. Kringle Radio is available year-round. Its most valuable resource is Tracking Santa live each year since 1991. If you are like me, your holiday decorations are a collection from years past, so the general theme is usually the same. Maybe some new decorating ideas will rekindle your holiday spirit.

Finally, here are hundreds of Christmas tips from Good Housekeeping and dozens of Christmas recipes from Delish.

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