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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Failed to Find Any Playable Video URL

If you receive this message, "Oooops! Failed to find any playable URL. All url are not signed" after updating JAVA and/or Flash on your Firefox browser, it's due to a single Add-On in your Firefox utilities: YouTube HTML5 Video Player 0.2.1.

I had it installed before updating without ant issues whatsoever, so there's obviously some tinkering that needs to be done; I'm not dissing the developer in any way, this just happened to be the problem. I updated to Adobe Flash when this issue began and searched the major engines but found nothing however, I'm guessing there will be more searches in the future. Again, I had no problems with YouTube HTML5 Video Player 0.2.1 until this update and did not have this problem in Chrome (on which this update was not installed).

It's likely the issue could be something else but it stopped after removing this particular add-on.

You can solve the whole thing simply by deleting/removing the add-on.

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