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Friday, July 25, 2014

Google Services Integration

I am having difficulties with all this integration. I had meant to connect the Twitter account with The Rundown then forgot I'd done it. YouTube posts directly to Twitter whenever a video is recorded and I didn't know it. Neither of these is a problem, really; the problem is that you now have to change settings for the same thing across several sites, making it difficult to know what is sharing to which service and when.

Blogger has a feature that prompts you to share new blog entries on the associated Google+ account but it's all now somehow absorbed into one wonky do-wicky on Google+ Business. It can be set to "Automatic" but none of these are set to "Automatic." It does not work with Scheduled Posts but it might if it were set to "Automatic."

I did not schedule the upcoming Live Events on the YouTube Channel because those also post automatically to Twitter and I did not know that. They also appear to be just setting there and there's no way to delete them or make them not Public - they could still be recording, for all I know! I assumed the Live Events would register once they were finished, and they seemed to when I checked them earlier, but I'm not sure if they did so or not and I'm afraid to delete them.

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