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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Events and Invites

We are trying to find a way to integrate the Events/Hangouts (because that's really all we do at this point, make fun of movies on Saturday nights) and Google doesn't make it easy - actually, we've yet to find a way to do it!

Technically, according to what little documentation Google provides, we need only schedule a Hangout on Air which creates an Event. That then creates an Event on both G+ and YouTube but it doesn't allow for the details a regular Event does, such as the link to the film itself and so on. When you add these details as comments, they send a notification - presumably to everyone invited. Further, a reminder is sent at least twice to every possible person.

We don't want you receiving multiple invitations anymore than we ourselves wish to receive them and this is one of the primary reasons we're trying to figure this out. We've also had multiple people try to join only to become confused as to where they were supposed to be, thus missing the actual broadcast.

To be clear, we do not allow randos in the riffing; we have a small, core group of riffers and while we're always open to new members, we have to get to know you and test you out first. It isn't as easy as it may appear and although we definitely cross "The [imaginary] Line" from time to time, antagonizing or "trolling" invisible people is not our objective. We try to be funny and that is harder than it seems or may appear.

There is no way to delete Events already scheduled, even if there is a mistake or it is canceled, and I have no idea why that is. So if you receive a slew of confusing invitations or notifications over the next few weeks, please bear with us while we try to figure this out... which may involve Google actually fixing the issue (in which case you might as well just get used to the countless invitations and notifications).

As for finding the show, I can't be sure just yet but it appears that the YouTube Channel is a good place to start.

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