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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day in SimCity

I don't know how out of touch I am playing a video game that's well over 10 years old, but it's the only video game I have ever truly enjoyed. I spend hours on end playing The Sims and I was devastated the other night when I tried to install an expansion pack and it hosed the game. Luckily, I found the original game last night and reinstalled everything, including the expansion pack.

So I am spending the day in SimCity (and some in the Vacation lands). I don't need the break today as much as I did last week, but there is nothing else going on around here and I am tired of working day in and day out without anything else to do. Even reading comics has lost its luster because I need to be reviewing them, so it's a lot more like work than just a good time.

Anyway, things have been weird around here schedule-wise, so I may be back later on.

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