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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Find New Music on Last.FM

One of my major complaints with Last.FM is that I have been listening to the same music for the last two years. That's actually an exaggeration, but not much of one; I haven't heard too much new music that I like organically since at least Spring of this year, whether or not I was subscribed. But there are ways to seed your playlist with new music, aside from simply entering titles and bands you like in the search bar.

One way is to check out the Recommendations Last.FM provides for you. Just open "My Profile" under View in your Scrobbler, then click on My Recommendations. You'll notice there are several other options there, as well. Double-click any of these to listen, then flag the tracks you "Love" and add them to your Playlist.

Another way to find new music you might like is to check out Friends' stations. Go to View and choose "My Last.FM Page," then go to the Friends tab. Click on a Friend and scroll down that Friend's profile to the link toward the bottom. Again, "Love" the tracks you enjoy and add them to your Playlist.

It's been my experience that once you listen to some new music, Last.FM starts offering new music in your own station - especially if you "Love" some new tracks and/or add to your Playlist.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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Manodogs said...

If you have your Last.FM Scrobbler set to "Remember Last Station" (in Tools -> Options -> Radio), be sure to choose "My Radio Station" from My Profile (under View) after you've listened to another station.