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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Old Digs

Following the latest lightning strike, I moved the refurbished PC into the interior bedroom. The problem was the heat. There is no insulation between the walls in there and it has four damn windows, so the heat was literally oppressive. I stuck it out for a couple weeks, but when the heat wave hit last week (and into this one), I finally couldn't take it anymore.

Last night, I moved the whole setup back into the living room, using a short extension cord and power supply to keep it all plugged into the interior bedroom outlet. While there are wires all across my kitchen and living room floor, I finally have a setup that can be reasonably assumed to be "safe" - certainly safer than it was before. The problem I'm having now is with the monitor, which is at least a decade old and simply isn't good enough to run under Vista.

I'm about to swap it out for the newer one, then do a post on adjusting Graphics and Monitor settings to avoid flicker. But I just thought I'd chronicle this part of the whole debacle - both for posterity and in case anyone else is going through anything even remotely similar (which I sincerely doubt and truly hope they are not).

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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