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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Obama Wants to Kill Net Neutrality

He's a politician; that's the long and short of it.

It's time we faced it: We were had by a charismatic jackass. In general, this is not such a bad thing -- after all, politicians care for only two things, and two things alone: Money and power. One begets the other, and politicians will do literally anything to get money or votes... well, except keep their word or do anything that benefits others without any immediate personal benefit to themselves. When companies like Verizon and AT&T said they wanted things to be worse for everyone else, but better for them, Obama immediately signed-up!

After all, Obama understands that things like "net neutrality" and "personal freedom" are bullshit, pie-in-the-sky concepts only dirty hippies and terrorists use to undermine The System, under which we are all as we evolved: Exactly alike. Without the dictatorial rule of the Police State this country has been establishing since George Bush, Sr.'s reign (then called the "New World Order," a global political system based loosely on the Book of Revelation and meant not only to consolidate the world's political powers under one rule, but under the "Christian God"), we might object to our enslavement, the morality forced upon us by those with opposing beliefs who don't even bother trying to live-up to their own ideals, and other injustices.

Net Neutrality is not very hard to understand and I've explained it here before. The more frightening implications of the current bill, which Obama passed without so much as a second thought, is that the Powers That Be will assume complete control over the Internet -- the content and access you have now. Forget "online piracy" and all that nonsense; they want to lock you out of YouTube and force you to use their pay-per-view service. They want to monitor your e-mail and hold you responsible for whatever they decide your communications mean, as well as dictate with whom you can and cannot communicate. They want to force you to look-up directions on their Maps service and connect with your friends using their social networks and communications platforms.

Companies like Google and Facebook won't disappear, they'll simply enter exclusive contracts with ISPs to make them the services' "chosen" service, platform, or product. Google already does this (which is why it comes pre-installed on your PC), but the change -- though slow -- will be dramatic. Just get used to the time when you have to use Facebook to connect with your friends, because it's coming.

There is no good alternative, as all politicians play for the same team, despite whatever moniker or political party to which they claim allegiance. Though Republicans vow to "fight" the FCC bill, they have made it clear that their focus is on securing votes for the 2012 election, not actually defeating the bill; this means we can expect another round of "compromises" in which we lose. The harder truth is that Obama passed the bill specifically for this purpose: To stage a public "battle" which proves to America that both sides can "work together" and "find a compromise" -- but make no mistake about it, we're going to be censored, we're going to pay more, and we'd goddamn well better like it.

Or they WILL harass and hound you to death, arrest you without charge or trial and torture you, and worse.

Obama has gone out of his way not to lead or make positive changes that help the average American, but to ensure voters that he is a black American Christian, and he's done a very good job of it. It's "money over bitches" for Obama, and we all know what he considers us.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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