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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tutorial: Managing e-Mail - Multiple Accounts

One of the more basic, but effective, e-mail management techniques is a system of multiple e-mail addresses with specific purposes. For example, I have one address for everything related to blogging, another for the technical aspects of running the site, and so on. When I register, or sign-up, for anything, I use the most appropriate e-mail address. I have at least two e-mail addresses for spam.

Multiple e-mail addresses constitute a street-level filtering and delivery system. While effective, they are difficult to maintain specifically because there are so many to keep track of. Filters are the best method of handling delivery, but you need at least three e-mail accounts: One for personal, one for formal/business, and another for spam. The latter is used whenever you sign-up for special deals, join coupon sites, or subscribe to newsletters (you'll use filters to deliver the actual content elsewhere).

Do not put your own e-mail addresses in any of your address books. If possible, maintain only one address book -- preferably locally (on your own machine). Check your provider's site to see if there is an option that allows you to hide your e-mail address(es), also hide your age/birthday. Use a generic photo and fake "real name" for your spam e-mail address. Carefully maintain the purposes for each of your addresses: Personal, Business, and Spam.

There are many ways to manage multiple Web e-mailboxes, but I suggest using a Mailer.

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