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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Microsoft Co-Founder Suing Almost All of the Major Internet Companies Over Patents

Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, is suing Google, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo!, Office Depot, AOL, and others, for patent infringement. According to Allen, his company, Interval, owns four specific patents all of these companies have compromised. These patents have to do with how e-commerce and search work, but that's about all that has been said.

Allen, a billionaire who owns three sports teams, recently announced he was leaving the brunt of his wealth to charity. Allen has been treated for cancer recently. A spokesperson for Allen told reporters, "Paul thinks this is important, not just to him, but to the researchers at Interval who created this technology."

Allen did not actually create any of the technology involved, but does own the patents.

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