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Thursday, February 25, 2010

AIDS-Infected Man Trolled Dating Sites

Authorities say 47-year old Tony Perkins trolled Internet dating sites to meet some 26+ women with whom he slept in the last six years. The reason authorities are involved is because Tony Perkins has AIDS.

Arrested Friday after police were tipped-off by an ex-girlfriend, Perkins plead guilty to two charges of failing to inform sexual partners of his condition. The case may be the first conviction under the Indiana law which states those infected with HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis B must inform potential sexual partners of their condition. The law was instituted in 1993.

While none of the women have contracted the disease as yet, police say they plan to add additional charges. Right now, Perkins faces only two counts. Authorities say he is depressed and suicidal, ridden with guilt, even though he used protection in every sexual encounter. Perkins says he quit taking medications two years ago in the hopes he would die.

Perkins' own daughter told the girlfriend he had the disease over a year earlier. Both she and the accused say she is simply vindictive because he ended their relationship.

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