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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twitter Wars

Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN (Cable News Network) to a Twitter-Off and CNN has answered the challenge. That is, Kutcher made a video in which he stated he could get 1 million Twitter followers sooner than CNN's News Break; CNN's Larry King responded in kind with a video of his own.

Twitter is a kind of social-networking-type site that basically boils down to collecting followers for your IMs. It's not quite a blog; Twitter's only real distinction from Instant Messaging is that you can attract these followers and they can "twitter" back. The name is actually based on a derogatory Web term, "twit," which used to refer to people who made themselves at-home in chatrooms where they weren't established/known - especially those who tried to PM (Private Message) others.

But you have to give Kutcher props for really taking to the Cyberculture. He posted his video on Qik.com, a relatively new social network dedicated to mobile video, and he has been turning down interviews about the Twitter War from traditional news outlets, saying the whole thing is a "saga for the Internet."

At the time of this posting, Ashton Kutcher has nearly 933,000 followers; CNN's Newsbreak has just under 955k followers. But Kutcher's followers have increased by the tens of thousands since he laid down the gauntlet, where Newsbreak's have only risen by about 20k.

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Manodogs said...

Kutcher will discuss the Twitter-Off on Oprah today.