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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Runs and Scheduling

Observant readers will note I have managed to keep posts down to one (or fewer) a day, minus weekends - and I plan to stick to this schedule, for the most part. However, I've missed a lot and the past week or two are the first I've managed to keep on-track as much as I have.

So, in the interest of remaining relevant, I'm going to throw a run down tonight. It's actually very early morning, so... for whatever it's worth. I mean, you aren't going to see any of this until you get up later, anyway. Once you do though, there will be many posts to catch-up on.

Hopefully I will get on-track following this, but I'm making no promises. Other than this one: after several false-starts, The Cyberculturalist will finally be regular. We have some stories we're following now, and there are always new ones - many of which I will bring you tonight (and most of which are at least a few days, even weeks, old) - it hasn't been a lack of content which has made us so uneven, it's been lack of time and personal issues. But while I'll be bringing you several posts tonight, I will also schedule others to post later this month, ensuring there is at least one post every weekday, with fewer exceptions, from here on out.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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Manodogs said...

No sooner had I written this and gotten involved in the next post than I realized Google would be down for a while. Doesn't it just figure?