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Saturday, April 7, 2018

VoiceOver Screenshot to Mail.applescript

MOAR Federal gangstalking and illegal surveillance.  Add this to the many methods by which they are illegally accessing our network, system(s), and accounts.  This VoiceOver Screenshot to Mail.applescript was found under Library/VoiceOver and cannot be unlocked, so it cannot be removed.

This is how they were sending messages as though they came from the Ukraine, as well as the mail bombs.  Yes, US Federal agents under contract to the DoD are responsible for the bombings; they were sent from a USPS post office in Maryland, just across the river from Chaseville, NY.  This has to do with Silk Road, drugs, "illegal aliens," and a lot more other stuff in which high-ranking FBI, DHS, DoD contractors, and State-level actors are involved (specifically in and around Tennessee).

Earlier, they set a fire in Trump Tower as a false flag; they are trying their very best to blame all of this on "Leftists" who "hate Trump."  If the FBI were not directly involved in covering-up what happened in Las Vegas (OCT - Operation: Credible Threat by Honeywell), they would have spoken to us directly, as several of their message exchanges with someone who may or may not have been Stephen Paddock were routed through this system in a similar fashion.

Earlier in the week, local police staged an Active Shooter Drill at the Decatur County General Hospital, which the County sold to a private group out of Nashville, TN during an "Emergency Meeting" broadcast live on Nashville local news.  That private company is set to takeover the hospital this month, and may already have done so.  Footage from that ASD will be used later for media cover-up.  I may or may not be the target for the assassination.  

I don't own a gun, much less a cache of them, nor am I involved in any of this in any way -- other than that they have been routing this all through my and my familys' network and communications devices for years now.

The same State actors working under orders from District 7 (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale) kidnapped, and may have murdered, Holly Bobo.  See Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and the USAF base in Ft. Lauderdale for more information on her whereabouts.  The DHS did this, specifically.


Takes a screenshot of what is in the VoiceOver cursor and adds the 
image as an attachment to a new Mail message

Copyright 2008 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

You may incorporate this Apple sample code into your program(s) without
restriction.  This Apple sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the
responsibility for its operation is yours.  You are not permitted to
redistribute this Apple sample code as "Apple sample code" after having
made changes.  If you're going to redistribute the code, we require
that you make it clear that the code was descended from Apple sample
code, but that you've made changes.

global screenshotPath

on isVoiceOverRunning()
set isRunning to false
tell application "System Events"
set isRunning to (name of processes) contains "VoiceOver"
end tell
return isRunning
end isVoiceOverRunning

on isVoiceOverRunningWithAppleScript()
if isVoiceOverRunning() then
set isRunningWithAppleScript to true
-- is AppleScript enabled on VoiceOver --
tell application "VoiceOver"
set x to bounds of vo cursor
on error
set isRunningWithAppleScript to false
end try
end tell
return isRunningWithAppleScript
end if
return false
end isVoiceOverRunningWithAppleScript

set screenshotPath to ""

if isVoiceOverRunningWithAppleScript() then
tell application "VoiceOver"
tell vo cursor
set screenshotPath to grab screenshot
end tell
end tell
display dialog "VoiceOver must be running with AppleScript support enabled"
end if

tell application "Mail"
set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {visible:true, subject:"VoiceOver Cursor Screenshot", content:"VoiceOver Cursor screenshot:" & return & return}
tell newMessage
tell content
make new attachment with properties {file name:screenshotPath} at after last paragraph
end tell
end tell
end tell

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist

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