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Sunday, April 8, 2018

We Don't Need Warrants
We Don't Need Warrants
Keep in mind that these people are under indictment, but obviously not surveillance.  We'll have a list of Russian fly-bys by Russian, Iranian, and Chinese helicopters over the last several years coming up eventually (before or after we're disappeared, incarcerated, or dead) because it was definitely North Koreans and Russians and Chinese and Iranians who did all of this -- not at all "rogue" Federal agents working in tandem with "rogue" Federal agencies and "rogue" operatives out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

These "rogue" Iranians, Russians, Chineses, and also North Koreans are also responsible for the BitCoin heist (activist bitches), as well as the Skripal poisoning, the Austin bombings, Holly Bobo's disappearance, and a host of other terrorist acts.

No one has contacted us about any of this -- why would they?  They're the ones doing it, and they're the ones covering it up.
(The purple only shows when you go directly to the site; the rest is all that appears in the browser.)

Some interesting search results include, "What Happens if You Get a Felony Conviction?" and "What Happens When You Act as Your Own Lawyer."  

I understand a full, written confession was made on Medium.com earlier, then endorsed by Twitter (which suspended our account after it said it "may have been accessed by third parties"), but I haven't read it because I don't read terrorist manifestos.  I have hardly used Twitter in the last 10 years because it endorses and enables Federal gangstalking, but I have had at least two Twitter accounts for 10 years and only been the victim of this kind of terrorist activity, never the instigator.

The tire track in the front yard may come in handy one day, and it will lead directly back to Federal officers -- ahem, "rogue" Federal officers -- and construction companies whose bridges have a bad habit of failing.  

The AL address may be a red herring, as the actual address all of this leads back to is US-1 out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  If we aren't dead or worse, we'll explain all about Austin, TX, too.

Chaseville, NY was rerouted through Holladay, TN for several months.  It was spoofing out of the Ukraine, as well.  We mentioned this -- and the fact that all of the Twitter ISIS accounts lead back to the UK, and a couple of burned buildings over there -- the day before our account was suspended.

From the files of tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist


Manodogs said...

Now, we're receiving e-mails similar to the following, suggesting the FBI/DHS/DNC is going to lock-up our computer. At least now you have definitive proof as to whom is behind all of this:

Good day,

If u were more alert while playing with yourself, I wouldn't write dis message. I don't think that playing with yourself is really terrible, but when all colleagues, relatives and friends receive video record of it- it is definitely news.

I seized malisious soft on a porn site which you have visited. When the object press on a play button, device starts recording the screen and all cameras on your device starts working.

Moreover, soft makes a rdp supplied with key logger function from the system , so I was able to save all contacts from ya e-mail, messengers and other social networks. I'm writing on dis e-mail because It's your working address, so you should read it.

I suppose that three hundred usd is pretty enough for this little false. I made a split screen video(records from screen (interesting category ) and camera ooooooh... its funny AF)

So its your choice, if u want me to destroy this сompromising evidence use my bitcоin wаllеt аddress- 1GLceqKevbEcAMQFheVujGxdvAochQcSwo
You have one day after opening my message, I put the special tracking pixel in it, so when you will open it I will know.If ya want me to share proofs with ya, reply on this letter and I will send my creation to five contacts that I've got from ur device.

P.S. You can try to complain to cops, but I don't think that they can solve ur problem, the investigation will last for several months- I'm from Estonia - so I dgf LOL

Manodogs said...

Right on time, every time:


ALL of this leads back to District 7 (Miami), US-1 in Ft. Lauderdale, and various locations throughout Alabama... and a few locations throughout the UK.