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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Garrison

So I reached level 100 after a fairly short time, especially when compared to the time it took to get from 85 to 90 following the last expansion pack (Mists of Pandarea) and got my garrison Town Hall to level 3. While these are no mean feats, neither was particularly hard to accomplish and are par for the course. It isn't until your garrison is built and upgraded that the dailies unlock.

You can choose which lots to improve and with what, so my Leatherworker built a Barn and Tannery. To upgrade most lots to Level 3, you have to unlock an accomplishment based on Work Orders, which are carried-out by the various buildings. Sadly, all gains and lots from MoP have been left behind, including the garden. Garrisons now have herb gardens where current herbs are grown. You must collect resources from mines, herb gardens, and the like.

There are plenty of questlines to follow, many of which reward the player with Followers who can venture off on their own Pass/Fail missions, work in buildings, and even accompany players on adventures in certain areas. You should be able to accomplish all your dailies within an hour or two once your toon is of sufficient ilvl.

All in all, Warlords of Draenor is an excellent expansion pack well worth its price (I just wish it weren't so damn high!).

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