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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Weirding Theater Presents The Moment After 1

With such an ambitious title, we're assuming there are either longer, or possible several, Moments After 1 but we're not that religious, so we're intrigued by our first X-ian Rapture movie and we're hoping to burn this bitch alive.

Well... you know what we mean.

As we keep pointing-out, most of these are "controversial" movies focusing on really dumb shit far too many self-righteous, self-important people hold far too dearly - they are developed to prey on the fears and minds of those who are usually at their wits'-end and are desperate for any attention, help, or just a bit of self-confidence. It's what's pimps do to hookers; how child molestors groom victims.

These victims - manipulated by authorities they've been raised to respect and trust are raised to believe what "sounds right and would never abandon or betray them," (because it's a fairly tale) - are conditioned to believe that the only "real" solution is giving all power and responsibility over to a higher, unseen, and entirely blithe construct that will magically solve all their problems and absolve them of all their wrongdoings no matter how severe, how many times they continual doing it, nor how often they repeat this behavior. 

Our intention is not to demean these believers; our intention is to crack jokes (and sometimes drop a little information) regarding exploitative movies that seek to belittle the viewers' intellect and falsely validate the beliefs they've been programmed to accept without question, despite saddling-up on our own intellectually superior high-horse from time to time to just knock some [No-Nos and Dirty Pillows] right into the dirt - which includes sometimes losing our patience and/or crossing The Imaginary Line other individuals and collectives have stickdrawn in the sand when it comes to their sociopolitics, religious/spiritual beliefs, and so forth, and dared us to cross.

This movie is going to suck. However, I hope actual, True X-ians - the ones who wrestle with their beliefs, their faiths, their shortcomings, and seek not to ask unconditional forgiveness, much less take it on "good faith" that a deity will absolve them regardless, but instead implore and inspire them to improve themselves then mentor those who desire/need it without proselytizing or demanding they first join the congregation or undergo some sort of religious initiation then decide - maybe - to offer gratitude to their deities and their charges not only knowing full-well they're bound to fuck-up again but that their deiti(es) not only know and expect this but count on it and will not abandon them even when it seems they have.

Being from the belt buckle of the American South, I openly and freely admit I have a softspot in my heart for many of these people who are desperately seeking direction and guidance in their lives, which are usually unfathomably soul-crushing to any number of reasons - the primary one being poverty and a lack of education due to poverty. Most of which is the direct result of False X-ians and their overly-simplistic,back and white morals by which they would never survive.

Few of these cocksuckers seek to understand others' way of life, or even sympathize with it, and they derive great pleasure in mocking these "heathens" from their Pseudo-Intellectual Ivory Towers where I always wonder if a copy of Jung exists and if the spine would make those crackling noises were it ever opened, despite knowing it will never be read before it is burned.

Sorry to get so heavy but, you know, fuck you all.

All that said, this is a X-ian Rapture movie with a title so powerful and intriguing, so fearmongering in its Apocalyptic message that the "people" who put this shit together deserve the very worst the got coming to them. So they set right to work on a sequel.

The Moment After 1 premieres this weekend on The Weirding Theater Presents at 9:30pm CST, Saturday night. This is a LIVE stream, so please try not to make a big deal of anything said or intimated.

© The Weirding, 2014

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