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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WoW 5.2

I have been terribly sick the last week or so, so I have really only spent a few moments in the new game world since the 5.2 patch update but I did go on a handful of adventures in that short time. The world boss Galleon now spawns a few times a day and while he is difficult to kill, it only took a few minutes to down him for a bagful of gold. Speaking of which, you no longer have to be in a raid party to receive the spoils of a kill - you just have to strike the boss while an attack is ongoing.

Up beyond Kun Lai Summit is an island on which at least a half-dozen new pets drop from many of the inhabitants. There is also some kind of tome and dinosaur bones to collect for some reason. The dailies quest chain in the new zone opened up for me immediately. You cannot fly there, making it a real hassle. The very first quest involved swimming a good ways just to reach the endpoint.

You can now "purchase" your farm if you have already unlocked all 16 plots but Yoon actually just gifts it to you. You immediately start receiving work orders from various factions. Fulfilling these orders results in reputation gains with those factions.

Again, I haven't played much and I'm sure you can find a lot of this in the FAQ but these were some of the things I noticed.

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