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Monday, January 28, 2013

Idiots Blame Twitter for Inability to Read

Twitter's new Vine service has come under fire for the proliferation of pornography found on the service. However, this porn is generally only available to people who actually seek it out. That is why many bonafide morons could not fathom what a warning is and clicked on a video named "DildoPlay" despite a prominent warning that informed moderately intelligent people that this video was not meant for just everyone.

The video "DildoPlay" was posted as an Editor's Pick and, despite the title being something of a dead giveaway as to what it was about, was covered by a warning notice. Despite these seemingly failproof indicators, it appears that a majority of Vine users were absolutely shocked to discover a video named "DildoPlay" was pornographic in nature.

One Mensa member* was quoted as having thought the warning "was a joke." The same moron, Taylor Winkelmeyer, was further quoted (emphasis mine) by the BBC as having said, "I am furious I had to see something like this."

*Taylor Winkelmeyer is probably not a member of Mensa and this statement was made in jest; such an attempt at humor is not meant to discredit Mensa nor its actual members.

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