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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Yahoo! Down

Anyone else having trouble accessing My Yahoo!? I was able to get to the main Yahoo site, but even trying from there gets me nothing. It could be undergoing some kind of unscheduled maintenance or restructuring but, unless I missed something, I didn't hear anything about it.

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Manodogs said...

Still appears to be down.

Manodogs said...

I cleared the cache completely, as well as the history, then changed my password. I then tried logging in using Facebook and was told my Yahoo account is already connected via Facebook.

Nothing I've done has allowed me to access My Yahoo! since yesterday. Although it says I am signed-in.

This all started after I connected my Facebook account with Yahoo! so I could receive notifications through my Yahoo page.

Pat Mathis said...

Mine has been down since 10/20. I have emailed tech support and received the following email:
Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care. This message is to inform
you that your My Yahoo! inquiry will require additional work before we
can provide an answer. So please note that we are routing your issue to
a Technical Support Agent with specialized expertise, and you can expect
a response from us within the next 24 hours after receiving this email.


The Yahoo! Customer Care Team

**Please do not respond to this message as no one will receive it.

Hopefully they will get it resolved. It sure is aggravating since I used it daily.


Manodogs said...

Thanks! At least I know it isn't just me and the 20th is about the same time it started on this end.

iGoogle just doesn't cut it.

Pat Mathis said...

Got this just now.

Thank you for writing to My Yahoo!.

I see that you have been unable to access your My Yahoo! page for since
at least the 19th. Please accept our apologies for the ongoing
difficulties, and frustration, this issue has been causing.

I would like to reassure you that our Engineering Team is investigating
this issue, and we're doing our best to have a resolution in place as
soon as possible. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer you an
estimate as to when the problem will be fixed.

For your reference, the engineering case number is #######.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for reporting this to us--your
input helps us to identify ways to constantly maintain and improve our
services to provide our users with the best experience possible with

If you have additional questions regarding this matter, please reply
directly to this email, and I will gladly assist you. Your satisfaction
is very important to us, and we truly appreciate your patronage of My

Thank you for choosing My Yahoo!. We appreciate having you as a

Kind regards,


My Yahoo! Customer Care
My Yahoo! E2Y

For assistance with all Yahoo! services, please visit:


New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - better than ever!

Manodogs said...

I can still access Groups and Mail via the homepage, but still can't access My Yahoo! I even tried a different computer without luck.

I wonder if this is regional?

Pat Mathis said...

Back up this morning.

Thanks Yahoo!!!

Manodogs said...

That's the thing about stuff like this: I already changed everything about my setup while troubleshooting.

Glad to see it back up and going, but I started liking iGoogle even though it didn't serve my purposes as well. I'm going to include it on my Toolbar now as a daily check-in.

Manodogs said...

Now I'm getting a 404 message. It was working just fine up until a few minutes ago.