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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Firefox 6.x Posts Prove 7.x Update Too Soon

Judging solely by the number of people hitting the Firefox 6.x related posts, I reiterate my admonition on updating to the new Firefox 7.0.x. It is simply too unstable - and this is coming, again, from someone who refused to update when asked to following a harrowing series of mishaps involving Firefox 6.0.x which forced me to rollback to 6.0, which I am still using right this moment.

Again, this is going solely on the number of hits The Cyberculturalist has received regarding Firefox 6.0.x. They could be reading them for some other reason, but there's been a small explosion of them lately - about a week after Firefox started slamming us with that annoying fullscreen demand to update.

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