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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Webmastering 101: Surf Your Site!

I apologize if that's the name of someone's series or website (which I'm sure it is), it's just that this is the simplest rule in the world for webmastering yet one I never do enough. It sounds stupid because it kind of is, but it's easy to forget to check and double-check your site once it goes live.

I've spent the last week coming across things - some little, some large - that I simply screwed-up on transfer and didn't realize it. Either that or I realized it, decided I would fix it later (that day, that week, whatever), and forgot about it. Be sure to surf through your site several times, going backward and forward, to see how things work and how you respond to them. You will find mistakes and solutions in places you never imagined.

I'm working-out some kinks today after uploading a lot of changes the last few months, so I am having to do a lot of it right now. I'm going to surf the site about once a week for the next month or so to see how I get to everything, if it works, and so on, so I may be writing more about things along those lines.

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