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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

US Phisher Gets Nearly 13 Years

34-year-old Tien "Tim" Truong Nguyen received 12 years and seven months for masterminding a phishing scheme which ensnared some 38,500 US residents in 2006-2007. Nguyen and two cohorts created fake entrances to sites such as eBay and local online banks, then used customers' personal information to open credit lines at California Wal-Mart stores. They would then purchase items from the stores and sell them on the street.

Nguyen claimed that methamphetamine addiction is what fueled his crimes, but the judge dismissed that largely because Nguyen was a felon in possession of a shotgun. Though Nguyen immigrated to the US at age three, he could face deportation for his crime.

His two partners-in-crime were also arrested and both are also serving time for the crimes.

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