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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Like many, I forgot what all a computer is capable of and useful for. I also forgot how to write without ending my sentences with prepositions, but that's another blog. Seriously though, I'm rediscovering all the many uses of my home computer, separate from social networking, pr0n, and l33t skIlls (of which I've few, if any).

I'm using MS Works to create my grocery list and monthly budget -- two things I usually do on paper, and by hand. While I'm still learning the ropes here, I'll try to share what I can with all of you. I do not have any Apple computers (though I have nothing against them), and I'm not certain that Microsoft Works is available for them, but some of what I share may be of use to Apple, and even Linux, users.

Of course there are online options available for handling all of these things, but that's my point: I believe we've lost touch with basic home computing -- I know I have -- and I want to move back toward that. It isn't that the online options are any less valuable -- in many cases, they may be superior, or even more useful as companion services.

I'd love to hear from more of you on this issue, and see what you -- or whomever you know or follow -- has to offer, as well.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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