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Monday, January 17, 2011

WTF!? Kevin Smith

The latest episode of WTF!? with Marc Maron features none other than filmmaker, comic book writer, and podcast maven, Kevin Smith. And is one of the most insightful interviews with Smith that I have ever heard. The multi-talented filmmaker is known for his novel-length Twitter posts, runs a blog (excerpts of which have been published as a full-length book), and presides over one of the most famous message boards online, in addition to a new(-ish) podcast network; Kevin Smith is ubiquitous and accessible, and his fans have heard his views on pretty much everything -- he's even "documenting" his marriage in a new podcast co-hosted by his wife! Yet this interview was somehow more Kevin Smith than anything he has ever written or said.

Maron is known for his ability to draw-out the "real person" behind the comedian, and was even featured in a recent New York Times article, but his interviewing skills are not on display during this particular episode; Smith and Maron, who had not met prior to this taping, are obviously fans of one another (now, anyway) and the conversation is insightful, funny, seamless, and just a great listen. Maron actually had to do very little, as Smith was his usual, open, and talkative self.

The two chat about literally every topic that crosses their minds, from filmmaking and the entertainment industry, to religion, to podcasting and beyond -- and genuinely seem to connect. I think we're eavesdropping on two good friends the first time they met. It really is interesting, entertaining, informative, and all that stuff, but it's mostly just a great, fun listen, even if you are not particularly a fan of either man.

Check out the episode and let me know your opinion -- if you have one -- as I highly recommend it.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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