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Sunday, September 19, 2010

AVG Campaign to Raise Awareness of Clickjacking

AVG security has launched an online campaign to raise awareness of Facebook "clickjacking" amongst university students. According to AVG, students are most likely to be targeted by cybercriminals who change their statuses to anything from spam advertising to malicious code which can infect others' computers, or steal their login information.

According to Ofcom, only 15% of users aged 16-24 take the Web "seriously," and less than 10% are concerned with online security. Over half of the nearly 20,000 malicious pages found on the world's 50 most popular social networks can be found on Facebook. YouTube has over 7,000.

AVG's campaign seeks to make users aware of the possible dangers of social networking, as well as teach them about logging out properly, especially when using public, or shared, workstations.

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