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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

About You

Seth Godin has five, simple rules for your About Me page today -- which is a damn good subject, since Blogger now has specific pages (where it did not before).  I've been meaning to post one, both on the blogs and the website itself, I just really didn't know what to say or include.

Like many people, I can bullshit with the best -- tell a decent story, write a thoughtful article, whatever -- but when it comes to talking about myself, I just go blank.  I tend to default to the Likes/Turn-Offs information -- bands, movies, and entertainment I like, and... you know, something about, like, not knowing what a Justin Bieber is and stuff.  While Godin's article is largely the type of thing you'll read and go, "Duh," it really helps (me) to have the obvious broken-down and pointed-out.

Customer Collective followed-up Godin's post with steps on creating [link removed - ed.] an About (You, the Reader) profile to aid in building a community around your blog readership, which many of you should find useful.  The Cyberculturalist is less about that sort of thing than documenting the Web in context, but I'm certainly not against it.

I guess I should qualify that by saying that this is not a "business"-based blog -- that is, a blog created with the purpose of selling/marketing anything -- so I want the community to grow organically, and on its own.  I invite you all to participate, I just don't want to explain to you the best way to go about doing so -- if that makes any sense.  Allowing the community to grow without my input is part of what this blog is all about.

Anyway, enjoy the articles, as both are good.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

UPDATE:  You could always just download the Persona App from iTunes... should one be so inclined.  I hear great things about it... through the grapevine. - 2018

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