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Monday, August 30, 2010

Few Americans Taking to Location-Based Services

A new report finds that only 4% of Americans have tried Foursquare, Facebook Places, or similar location-based services, despite the attention such services are receiving right now. Even more, a mere 1% are using these services regularly (on a weekly basis), and of those, 80% are men, an overwhelming majority of whom are in the 19-35 age range.

Foursquare, which is designed like a game in which you receive "badges" for entering locales and work your way up to becoming "mayor" of your most frequented locations, started the location boom, but it has spawned many imitators, including the just released Facebook Places. But most people do not care for others knowing their whereabouts. This is just my theory, but I also believe a lot of people go to hangouts to, you know, hangout, not play with their phones, and many places today ask people to set them to vibrate or turn them off completely so that they do not disturb others.

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