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Friday, May 28, 2010

Google Moderator Now Available for YouTube

Users can now employ Google Moderator on their YouTube Channel which basically allows them to ask specific questions which readers then vote up or down. You can also remove inappropriate responses. Some say this is tantamount to "censorship," but it couldn't be further from that. Actually, I don't see how Google Moderator is any different from the commenting system already in-place at YouTube, except for the fact that you can set the subject to be discussed.

The problem with YouTube's commenting system as it stands is that anyone can flag your reply as inappropriate just because they disagree with its content. Once flagged, you cannot remove the comment, nor can you respond to the discussion again.

A truly useful commenting system would record the commenter's IP address and keep a record of how many responses are flagged as "Spam," then block that IP address once a preset number of "Spam" replies has been met.

Google Moderator changes nothing but the ability to ask specific questions.

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