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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nanotech Tracks Patients' Pill-Taking

Researchers have developed tiny, digestible microchips and antennae to be placed in pills. The pill sends a signal to a receiver (such as a laptop or cellphone), informing it when the pill was consumed. Doctors say this is to help patients and family members keep track of when meds are taken, so they can avoid missing doses or taking too many, but The Cyberculturalist believes this technology is being developed, and will be used, for drugs which can be abused.

Using this technology, doctors will be able to tell when a patient is abusing their medication, as well as when he has sold, or given, it to someone else. It will likely then be used as evidence against whomever is deemed to be at fault. The upswing to this is that it can also be used to trace thieves who steal medication and used as evidence to prosecute them.

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