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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Radio Reviews

With the death of traditional television, some people have forgotten about radio. As a 35-year old man, I grew-up listening to the radio (in the car, mainly). Unlike TV, radio is still available in its original broadcast form, so no matter how old the device, you can listen to the same stations as someone with a brand new receiver. Actually, I'm just guessing that they still make traditional radios.

Of course, there is digital radio. I've never even played with a digital radio device, so I can't say if they are capable of receiving traditional radio signals, but the demand for them isn't very high. Many car manufacturers are including digital radios in their new models these days and I'm not sure how that works either, but traditionally, you pay a monthly subscription fee for the services, in addition to purchasing the equipment. If you go the latter route, the set includes equipment for the home, as well as portable devices to carry with you and plug-in to your car.

I now depend on the Internet for all my media-based entertainment. Over to The Rundown, I am providing weekly, Saturday Morning playlists. The (primary) idea is to simulate broadcast TV as we knew it growing-up - when our options were limited by the number of channels on the rotary dial and the whole country could be changed by a single performance. Right now, these playlists are limited to visual media, but I am a big fan of radio.

Yesterday, I began exploring my Web-based radio options and was actually blown-away by the choices! I'll be discussing Web radio at length over the next few days, possibly even weeks, and have added a new tag for it (radio). Like TV, the technology will be discussed here, but the entertainment-specific content (like playlists) will likely be posted over to The Rundown.

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