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Monday, July 6, 2009

Technical Notes

I have changed registrars and am having some difficulty getting the information to parse. I just finalized this last night, so there are a few more days to mess with it before it gets to critical status (specifically why I started early - I don't want to go through the shit I went through last time! I say, knocking on wood), but I wanted to let you know because there is always the possibility that we will be down temporarily while the Internet does its Thing.

For now, always remember that if the site is ever down, or the blog(s) you follow hasn't been updated in a while, to check The Rundown. I'd intended to change the URL to fit the site, but one good thing about keeping a generic Blogspot address is that you can always check there when the rest of the site is down; sometimes, I'll post about issues there because I know you can still see The Rundown when The Weirding is down.

There have been so many personal issues to deal with recently, I simply have not been able to keep-up with everything. I waited to the last minute to do all these things specifically because my personal life has been such a catch-as-catch-can series of events, lately. The upside is that a lot of planning has gone into the whole thing this go-round, so I'm hoping it all goes more smoothly than it has in the past. However, the landlord of the place into which I moved is a slumlord and living conditions here are no longer tenable - the truth is that they never were.

I kept hoping things would turn-around, once he saw how serious I was about helping fix-up the place, but the truth is that he could care less. He'd much rather rent to illegal aliens and/or meth freaks - people who either can't, or simply won't, complain about the "little inconveniences" like no air-conditioning or working electricity. This has been an uphill battle from Jumpstreet and I'm entirely over it. I've no idea where I'm headed or how I'll get there, but I'm ready to go!

Of course, it isn't that easy: I'm 34-years old, have three cats, and just spent all the money I had moving here three months ago! It isn't as though I can simply pack my bags and walk out the door. Obviously, I can't focus on a website when I have no idea where I'll be laying my head that evening. Luckily, I bought more than just a change of registrars; I bought some extra time. It sucks that I keep having to push-back the release of new content and all that, but it's the only choice I have right now.

Anyway, if you have problems logging-on to The Weirding anytime in the next few weeks, please be patient. Technical changes are underway.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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