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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Deep-Link to a Post on the Legalities of Deep-Linking

More and more, as we continue to develop (well, sprawl is more accurate), The Weirding's "shape" is coming into focus.  As I said from the beginning, this site is really about my interests.  While somewhat diverse, at least from certain perspectives, I've found that many others who share my interests often share several of them.  Regardless, The Weirding covers a lot of ground which is often more closely related than many visitors may realize at first blush.

Many times, in fact, the material fits more than one department so well that I have trouble deciding where to put it.  More often, I get off the subject and start rambling into other areas.  Either way, seeing as how The Weirding is about me and I think about these things and relate them to one another, crossover is bound to happen and now that the whole Blog Boom is coming to an end (thankfully!), I no longer wish to keep these concepts and departments as separate as I have in the past; I am not just allowing these crossovers to occur naturally, I'm pushing to get more crossover between the areas so the site becomes what it was always supposed to be: The aimless, solipsistic ramblings of what's sure to be a diseased mind.  Not a bunch of "niche blogs" thrown together.

So I want to direct your attention to today's post on Weird Ink.  While it was probably more appropriate to include here, the idea is to emasculate bloggers and "save" the deadwood industry (traditional newspapers and periodicals).  That's how it ended-up in the Writing Department -- or the "dedicated niche" writing blog.

For those what don't know, I do, in fact, get paid to write and this is actually my only job.  This allowed me to invest in this website and spend the time and energy that I have here.  While little is available and some of it looks quite bad, it is getting better and there is a lot of it.  I continue to improve and the site continues to develop with me.

Check out the post and leave your comments on either blog.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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