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Monday, March 26, 2018

What is DevActivist.Com and Why is its Cookie Infecting my Browser?

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DevActivist.com is apparently a terrorist organization whose Federal Agent users -- known colloquially as "operatives" and "assets," or "confidential informants" (FBI, DNC) within their community -- take it upon themselves to (independently of their Federal financial backers, mind you) stalk, harass, smear, and terrorize those with which they disagree.

For whatever reason, I found a cookie from this esteemed organization's site in my browser -- which is weird, because I know my gender.  This was not long before we found our Twitter account indefinitely locked due to "possible attempts at access by unknown parties."  We haven't even bothered getting into that mess yet.  

This also predated the alleged poisoning of a deactivated former Moscow double-agent and his daughter by a few days.  I can't recall exact where it falls on the timeline between the report of a missing CDC operative, and the false flag report on the "poisoning" of 11 US Marines -- a pointed reference to the 11 microbiologists the US defense industry murdered following 9/11 -- but it was about the same time.

I've tried accessing DevActivist.com several times, but the link I found leads only to a login screen.  Needless to say, I am not a member or, as the US Military refers to them, "Authorized User."

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Manodogs said...

The Skripals have now been "disappeared" by the SIS: