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Monday, October 2, 2017

Richard Spencer Knows Your SSN

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Richard Bertrand Spencer, an alleged "White Supremacist," is actually a powerful lobbyist for the tech sector through his front organization, WSP, or Washington Summit Publishers.  WSP is also the acronym for Washington State Police.  His other front organization is the National Policy Institute (NPI), a nod to the National Provider Identifier.  By employing these acronyms, these MISO operatives claim to have "legally disclosed" their affiliation, thus securing a manufactured "consent" from their victims.

The National Provider Identifier is a Medicare registry meant for health providers, containing the personal information of every registrar on insurance plans such as Medicare and "Obamacare."  By using embedded co-conspirators, such as EMT workers, Spencer and his organizations openly engage in Federal gangstalking, entrapment, and recruitment -- particularly through social media and online games such as World of Warcraft.  

Richard Spencer's organizations work directly with both White Supremacists and Black Separatists, including gangs such as the Latin Kings, throughout the Tennessee and Baltimore areas, and across the nation.  Many of their informants are housed in California correctional centers, and Richard Spencer's agencies provide protection for these criminal suspects as well as military personnel, often using operatives from the Nevada state area who work as State Patrol officers across the nation.  He and/or his organizations may be affiliated with construction companies out of Canada -- possibly in the Edmonton area -- that are directly engaged in drug trafficking, particularly opioids secured from pain medicine providers.  Using information from the NPI, "informants" purchase opioids using the personal information of registered pain clinic patients.  

Payments to and from Spencer's organizations appear to come from Federal institutions, including the DHS and Bureau of Land Management (or BLM), as well as donations to #BlueLivesMatter (#BLM), Christian front organizations, and crowdsourcing accounts allegedly setup to help the families of fallen police officers.  These funds are usually laundered through an organization called PPF, or Police Protection Fund.  It also goes by the names Police Pension Fund, and Police Pensions Fund.  This front group is directly responsible for the intrusion of PCs which targets contacts, then sets up a hidden phonebook on the user's computer which places calls using spoofed numbers, asking targets for donations to these causes.  These robocalls are also used to stalk and harass targeted individuals.

These funds are also used to facilitate riots, and promote social destabilization under the guise of racial injustice, in lower-income areas.  Usually organized by the #BlackLivesMatter (#BLM) separatist movement, these events serve a number of purposes, including the entrapment of gang members and white "nationalists," whose arrests help fulfill private prison contracts.  Often, these arrestees are given the option of joining the military, as many of Richard Spencer's co-conspirators are military recruiters, and a growing number of police officers are former military personnel.  

#BLM is a MISO, or Military Information Support Operation, known as Operation: Black & Blue -- a reference to both #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter, as it employs a war strategy which basically amounts to "playing both sides off the middle."  This MISO has been used to enact and enforce draconian "law enforcement" measures, allegedly in response to growing racial tensions fueled by the American media -- as well as target historical monuments, political commentators and "dissidents," and adversaries on either side of the aisle.  

The #BLM "movement" is also used to disenfranchise land owners in a larger governmental land grab plot involving mineral rights, which may have been the original impetus for the MISO.  Clive Bundy's family and associates stood-up to one such attempt after being shutdown by media operatives in an earlier land grab, resulting in the murder of one activist by Federal agents.  So far, the survivors have been found innocent of all charges. No charges were filed against the murderer.

Richard Spencer may have formerly been affiliated with Integrated Systems Improvement Services -- a publicly-traded military defense contracting firm out of AZ, otherwise known as ISIS -- or a similar Federal "defense contractor."  ISIS, now SIS, continues to garner millions of dollars worth of government-funded military contracts, and has recently expanded into Africa.  Richard Spencer appears to work under Eric Schmidt, founder of Google, and CIA operative out of the Pentagon.

NOTE:  The FBI made a major bust in California a year or two back, involving police officers and a D.A. in and around Los Angeles.  The FBI had planted an informant in a jail housing numerous "confidential informants" and the police moved the informant around to evade arrests.  While numerous arrests were eventually made by the FBI, including that of former L.A. County sheriff Lee Baca, the links to the details surrounding these events have been erased from our databases by operatives working with these "police protection" agencies.  This is not the first time we have encountered this issue; more recently, we have found that links to Russian sites such as RT and Sputnik have been targeted, as well.

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The AP has uncovered evidence proving that the WSP armed criminals throughout America: