Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Dial-Up Issue

Tomorrow, technicians come to install the broadband services. There are a few reasons it took so long for me to get back onto high-speed, but the main one is that I live so far-out in the middle of Nowhere. It took a few weeks of calling around to find a provider I could afford, as well as one who services this area. As it is, I'll be one of only two in the area on what is called their "extended network" - which is code for, "Good luck with this!"

While the benefits to broadband are obvious, what I think you'll find interesting is how I've managed without them for all this time. It's been nearly a year (a little over seven months, at the least) since I last had broadband, so I've been barely scraping-by for all that time. It hasn't been easy, I haven't enjoyed it, but I have managed to make-do and I honestly am not even sure how I did it myself. So I'm going to do a little comparison and draw from the whole thing what I can.

The 98 box (which I'm using now and have been since July, when lightning disabled the Vista machine) will be hooked-up to the network, as well, so I'll be able to hop on here and access the same functions I've been using (albeit more quickly). Before I change everything, I'm going to make a post or two, detailing my setup and comparing it to everything I'll be able to access on the Win7 machine on broadband.

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