Monday, January 19, 2009

31 on 6to4

Heh, that's from an old Chicago song... and Windows Vista and Server 2008.

I went into the Device Manager the other night to change my modem init string because I now have Caller ID (it turns out I didn't need to, but being an old school sysop, I figured it might help somehow and certainly couldn't hurt). While there, I happened to notice a Warning Sign next to my 6TO4 Adapter and wondered what that was all about.

My first step was to try and update the driver, to no avail. So I did a search for it and found a thread on where one poster said Dell had sent him a link to a driver which solved the problem. The reason I am not linking to this thread is because the guy didn't bother to post the link! There's nothing there worth discussing; just a bunch of guys complaining about the same problem.

Which turns out not to be a problem at all. That's right: you can safely and completely ignore this whole thing.

The adapter has to do with IPv6, so Microsoft will likely never actually fix the problem for us Vista users; they will release an entirely new OS platform in a few years and we will be forced to find some workaround...

At any rate, feel free to ignore it completely.

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