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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ball (No, the OTHER One)

Well, I could offer-up excuses, but the truth is that I have been under the weather lately and things have just not been going my way. That tends to happen when you are a longhair, living amongst Fundamentalist Christians whose hillbilly ways have led them to believe that Separatism is God's Plan and so forth.

I have simply not felt like doing much more than I have lately and I will not sit here and tell you that anything is likely to change anytime soon. I talked about The Cyberculturalist for months before I decided to actually do it and kept telling everyone that I just didn't have the time; the only reason I did it was so no one else stole the idea; I knew then I did not have the time for it.

But, rest assured, it is set to be a major component of the site, which - as some sci-fi fans are aware - is an allusion to a philosophy, a way of life, as presented in Frank Herbert's Dune books. All I am asking is that you bear with me for a while and let me get it all together.


© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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