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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Quick Technical Notes

I have a folder that is literally overflowing with stories for The Cyberculturalist since I established it, but I haven't been very active. Part of the reason is that I've lacked the time and also been under an inordinate amount of stress lately; the other part is that most of these articles are very closely-related and while this is going to be part-blog, The Cyberculturalist is also going to be more formal than most blogs: Alongside the basic blogposts will be dissertations and formal articles -- largely because many of the bookmarks I have for inclusion are parts of larger themes/topics that require me to read them all at once and draw points from the breadth that support and illuminate the subject(s).

This happens often over to The OddBlog, as well.  Because these are involved and important affairs, I want to bring you authoritative entries on them.   Also, many of these articles are "keystone" or "pillar" articles which are then cited in other discussions and seemingly minute mistakes can damage the overall credibility -- not just of the posts, but myself and the entire blog.

And Blogger has been intermittent for the last two weeks. There is a scheduled maintenance outage in another hour or so and, depending on how I feel then, I may try to get something else out to you tonight.

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CSS Testing - please ignore.

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Note to self: learn to spell "technical."