Sunday, July 19, 2015


When I was growing up, one of the greatest things about the Christmas season was the new Sears catalog. As thick as your average school textbook, the back section was the only thing in which we were interested - and intensely so - for that is where the toys and children's items were located. All year long, we rifled through that catalog, eagerly discussing the gifts we hoped to receive.

Over the years, fewer and fewer businesses continued to print these mail order catalogs, moving their inventory online to save money. Although I do not have kids, I can only assume they still have their favorite shopping sites for doing the same thing we did when we were young. Of course, we adults are not immune to "window shopping," either. The big difference being that now we can sometimes afford the things we want on our own, and we do not have to wait for Christmas to get them. There is even a single site on which many of the best of these catalogs is collected.

Catalogs at are a great way to find all sorts of products available from some of the best online shopping sites today. They also provide coupons to help you save money on purchases. And, perhaps best of all, you no longer have to ask Mom and Dad!

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