Monday, July 27, 2009

Indoor Comfort Out of Doors

Most of us enjoy being outside, at least some of the times. But one of the major gripes even the "outdoorsy" types have with nature is that it is just too... natural. No matter how hard you try, you often just cannot get comfortable. This is especially problematic when company visits. But not anymore:

Cozy Days is bringing the indoors outside with great outdoor furniture, like their outdoor chaise lounges and outdoor bar stools. Yes, bar stools! With furniture this plush, your backyard barbecues will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Of course, Cozy Days (dot com) also carries a full line of traditional outdoor and patio furniture, along with furniture covers, and even an outdoors Q&A guide! Follow the link above and check it all out, and don't forget to ask for a copy of their free catalog!