Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacation Time

Yes, that time of the year is upon us once again: the time of year when we pack up the wife and kids and change the locks head out to see all the wonders of the universe. Usually on a tight budget. So, it's generally more like a wonder of the universe.

But who needs all that mouse ears stuff? Lines that stretch into parking lots miles deep with station wagons and minivans; kids screaming and running around at breakneck speeds, between legs and off leashes sans parental figures... What your family really needs is some relaxation and togetherness - no, seriously. There really are great places where you and the entire family can go and each do your own thing while also being together and doing family things - and without all the hassle of the overpriced, over-hyped theme parks and the Pirates of the Caribbean nonsense.

Like Myrtle beach. The kids can swim, the wife can tan, and you can do... whatever. Best of all, no fancy hotels to break you; you can get great beach vacation rentals for next to nothing just by following that link provided!