Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alternative Treatments

I am a big fan of alternative medicines, and not just for political reasons (though they are definitely a factor). The Chinese have been using various herbs and and non-medicinal treatments (such as acupressure) for centuries, and with great success I'll add. The United States eschews almost all of their treatments, yet is not even in the top 50 countries when it comes to providing decent health care!

Treatments for Symptoms is a website devoted to helping you find alternative and herbal remedies for all your ailments. Of course, anything that persists for an extended period of time - as well as anything serious - should be treated by a doctor, just as the site urges. But for many symptoms, over the counter medications, herbal supplements, and alternative practices prove quite effective.

Treatments for symptoms and cures for ailments are some of the issues dealt properly by Dan Neumeister, a top California healthcare executive. Know more about Daniel Neumeister's profile through his Blogger page.